At Somerset Road Education Trust Our vision guides everything we do – we exist to change lives for the better and so seek the best possible education for all through increasing access, opportunity and possibility.

Central to this are our values and beliefs that underpin our vision. Our values of inclusion, aspiration, achievement and fulfilment shine out from our beliefs where:

We believe in the extraordinary in everyone

We believe that everyone is a valuable part of society, no matter what their needs or difficulties

We believe that everyone should be valued and has the right to feel fulfilled and challenged

We value and respect the beliefs and faiths of all peoples

We believe that education is a key to change and that change is both important and necessary

However we realise as a Trust that it is our behaviours and what we do that will have the biggest change therefore:

We not only believe in the extraordinary but seek it out in everyone we work with and who works for us

We champion inclusion – so that no matter what your needs are, you will be embraced by our community and valued for who you are and the possibility of what you can be

We challenge pupils and staff alike to grow as learners and actively engage in the community where they will not only be valued but also recognise the value in others

We promote the importance of education and learning for all as we recognise that through education – achievement, aspiration and opportunity improves for each of us as does our capacity to recognise this in others