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Our Directors are responsible for the strategic direction of the Trust. They are also Trustees of our Charity. Our MAT has twelve Directors. These Trustees (Directors) are appointed by the Members. Each school provides three Directors from within its Governing Body, and the Diocese of Salisbury Educational Trust (DSET) also has three (who are similarly supplied by the schools).

From 1 January 2015 the Trustees/Directors are as follows:

Clare Clifford                      Chair of Governors, Exeter House Special School

Roy Bexon                          Chair of Governors, St Mark’s CofE Junior School and Chair of MAT Board

Stephen Hackett              Chair of Governors, Wyndham Park Infants’ School

Richard Chapman             Head teacher of Exeter House Special School

Gareth Flemington          Head teacher of St Mark’s CofE Junior School

Alison Smith                       Head Teacher of Wyndham Park Infants’ School

Jonny Bowden                  DSET Trustee (WP)

Neil Curtis                           Legal (StM)

Angus Mayhew                DSET Trustee (EH)

Mark Podkolinski             Finance (EH)?

Patricia Wain                      DSET Trustee (StM)

Gavin Walker                     Representative of the Diocese of Salisbury Education Trust (DSET)

The Heads are responsible for school improvement.

The Chairs of Governors are responsible for Vision and school improvement.

The following areas have the nominated Director/Trustee as the lead:

Finance                                                                Mark Podkolinski

HR                                                                          Neil Curtis

H&S and Environment                                   Angus Mayhew

Safeguarding                                                     Patricia Wain


Audit                                                                     Gavin Walker


The named Director will be responsible for, and take the lead in, each of these major areas but will be able to call on appropriately skilled resources to meet their requirements.


Richard Chapman is the Accounting Officer/CEO.

Sharon Day is the MAT Business Manager and Company Secretary.